Material properties at freezing temperatures

I have designed a Go-Pro mount for a custom application. However, at low temperatures around -5 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 °C) which are not too uncommon in Colorado, i noticed that the material became very brittle and almost instantly shattered as soon as I attempted to fasten the thumb-screw. While form labs does have high temperature resin, It would be interesting to have some engineering material able to handle lower temps. I have used both the tough and the standard resin to no avail.
Is there any other material recommendations to handle such temperatures ?

-5F is chilly (Boston has gotten close a few times this year…), but I wouldn’t expect it to augment the impact strength and other mechanical properties to a significant degree. Standard Resin can be a bit more brittle than the other materials and might not be the best option for threads, especially when dealing with moderate amounts of torque. Tough Resin and Durable Resin are likely to perform better here. Did you notice the same tendency to crack with the Though Resin?

I have been using threaded inserts for the part. I have noticed that the tough does handle better than the standard. I just printed the same part out of the durable, hoping to test it tomorrow.

durable is pretty pliable at higher temperatures…
and should retain a lot of that flexibility at sub freezing temps.

Its vastly more impact resistant than any of the other resins - so I think it would be a more suitable material for something like a go pro mount.
One adviso- when it gets really thin, its rather bendy… so for areas you want to be stiffer, compensate by giving the design more cross sectional mass.