Improving the slicing bar + etc


Would it be possible to add a second cursor on the right slicing vertical bar?
So only the layers comprise between those two cursors would be displayed on the screen.
This would be a very useful feature to see how the supports are sets in the deepest cavities.

Also would it be possible to integrate all the printed layers on a 2D picture displayed on the bottom of the 3D scene. This would be handy to optimize the placements of the part to be printed.

Regards, Dominique

I agree that in fringe cases being able to make a cut view from the ZX and ZY axii would be great.

As for the XY projection can’t you already achieve this by rotating the view until you get a top-down view, or by pressing CTRL+UP ?

Thanks for your suggestions! @dfilippi, there’s a Preform trick that I use that might get you half way to viewing specific X-Y sections:

Click the Supports icon --> then Edit All --> then slide the slider bar up and down.

Now the slider builds your design from the top down instead of the bottom up. It’s not quite what you were suggesting, but might help out with your workflow a little bit :slight_smile:

The idea is showing on a 2D view the sum of the previously printed parts for a given tray. So you could place the new parts in places where it has been less used…

Thank you for the trick, but when you supports/“edit all”, the supports disappear.

I use the printer to produce waterproof electronic enclosure and checking how the supports runs inside the enclosure is very important. I want to be certain I could remove the supports with the right tool once printed (usually with wood working chisels). I spend a lot of time optimizing the placement of the supports but without a section slicing view tool or a ZX/ZY slicing view tools as suggested by JohnHue, it is very difficult almost impossible to see how the supports runs in the deepest area of the enclosure. Unfortunately, if I can not remove a support at the end I can not place the electronic board inside the enclosure.
Support placement is an art by itself!

So just like the Dashboard heatmap but in PreForm ? I agree that this would be usefull, it has been suggested multiple times already, I suspect Formlabs wants us to use the Dashboard and knows this is a feature that will keep people using it.