Formlabs Not Very Responsive

Does it seem like Formlabs is aiming at the hobby/enthusiast market more than the business market? I work for an engineering contract shop that has purchased a Form 2. I am trying to get sample prints of some of the “engineering” materials so that I can evaluate them and put them in front of our engineers to try and expand the use of our printer beyond just surface models.

Formlabs has told me everything from “We don’t do that.” to “Just request a different material sample from a different computer every couple of days.”. I have also had them tell me that they will assign an account rep to my company and give me a call back and never call me back.

If I were able to get my engineers to to use the in house print capabilities we would probably be in the market for 5 or 6 more printers but Formlabs does not seem to be interested in helping me get there.

I had a similar experience when purchasing the printer for my company. I had trouble getting samples from three different printer companies though, and they all ended up being junk prints. I think they should be more than willing to take people’s files and print parts for them, but maybe their backlog is just enormous. With that said, I have been incredibly happy with their service and the printer since purchase, and I know they take the business/enterprise market seriously. The materials are way ahead of any other SLA printer even remotely near the price range. I use every engineering material they offer and they are definitely good for different things (components, fixtures, molds, etc.). If it wasn’t my company’s printer I would offer some samples. Might be worth buying some parts off of Shapeways or another service that has Form 2 materials. The printer has paid itself off so many times.

Im a very small business and asked about having a sample of all the materials sent and was told they don’t do that. I have been waiting on my durable sample for weeks and was told they didn’t have the correct address for me. Surprisingly all the things I have purchased have arrived without incident :thinking:


My name is Dante and I was the agent who told you we would give you a call back. This lapse in responsiveness is atypical for Formlabs. This was my responsibility and I apologize personally for not reaching out.

I’ll send you an email to see if I can help in any way possible. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer care, and I hope we can continue the conversation.