Form Wash: Sealant in top lid

Very interesting, can you please tell whether there is a sealant in between the lid and the base unit in any form or shape? Our wash completely consists of hard plastics, no sealant.


There’s no gasket or seal of any kind that I can see, as described above. It does sit flush with the top of the case though when closed (no gap) regardless if the basket is inside or not (we keep it in just in case a part falls off the bed during the wash). I can’t quite explain how it’s sealing, if it is at all, but evaporation as I described is negligible. I come in early in the morning to do washes/cures due to the smell of opening up the Wash, but a minute after the top is closed the smell dissipates completely. I don’t know what to say Peter. My only thought is there might have been a slight design change between when this thread started and now? Beyond that, maybe luck? We did do a firmware upgrade of the wash upon first powering it up, but I’m not sure that’s here nor there. If there’s anywhere else you want me to look on ours, I’ll be happy to.

Thank you!

We have got an early wash unit. It closes as it should, no manual intervention required. The old finishing kit buckets were losing next to no IPA to evaporation, because they did have a proper seal. While we didn’t measure it, with the Form Wash there is a noticeable loss, much more than what we used to lose to things like IPA staying on models with the finish kit.

So I don’t think there was a design change, those whose Form Wash doesn’t close properly should try to get this fixed under warranty.

Formlabs should work on sealing this thing up - as previously noted, there is a gap even with the lid properly closed.

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I am also very disappointed about our brand new form wash and the missing gaskets. The form wash costed us 500 Euros and the handwash unit, which is for free, contains gaskets. Unbelievable.

Here some hard facts about IPA: IPA is very flammable and the flashpoint is less than room temperature. Furthermore in SDS of IPA are given workplace exposure limits of 500mg/m³. Due to the fast evaporation of IPA these limits are reached very fast.

Please offer your customers a reliable solution. And not only the future customers.

According to Formlabs they have performed tests with IPA evaporation in the form wash and the conclusion was that there is hardly any evaporation.

In practice we have 2 form wash here next to each other filled with IPA and each wash loses halve of its contents in about 4 weeks when there is no printing and the lids are closed.

In our case, the IPA content in the from wash is halved in about 2 months. Rough calculated there is a reduction of 5mg/m³ per minute. And the lid is closed 99% of the time.