Form 2 For Sale (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Hi Everyone,

I have a Form 2 that’s 4 months old for sale. I live in the Western Suburbs, NSW, Australia. It would have to be pickup as I don’t feel safe shipping it.

It has only gone through 1 and a half litres of resin and still working as good as the day I bought it. You will get all the cleaning station and tools. It is going through it’s 2nd litre of resin at the moment and still has its’ original resin tray.

You will also receive the following:

1 sealed litre of grey resin
1 sealed litre of clear resin
2 sealed resin trays
1 sealed build platform
A couple litres of Isopropyl alcohol

I am looking for around $5,000 AUD but very happy to haggle; I paid around $8,000 for it from Thinglab in Melbourne. I have no use for it anymore and would like to sell it.

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