Form 1 for sale in germany

for sale in germany:

new and unused form 1 “vivacious beast” as purchased, in original packing, including all original accessories

and 1 lt. clear resin and 2 lts. grey resin.

my expenses:

euro 2700

sale in germany: add 19% VAT = euro 513

foreign EU for business: only with valid sales tax I.D. number

foreign EU private: add 19% VAT = euro 513

buyer pays for shipping and possible export expenses

i’m very very very interessted :), please write on mischareichard (at) gmx (dot) net !! i’m from switzerland… thank you!!

Also interested in this! Please contact me at aeguscott(at)hotmail(dot)com if Mischa hasn’t already bought it. I am in the UK.


I am from Vienna Austria. I would buy your printer. contact me plz! :


ist der Form1 noch zu haben?

Bitte kurze Rückmeldung


Abholung möglich

SOLD: sorry to all others, it went quickly.