Enter Your Idea into the FormFan Hackathon Contest and We'll Fly You To Boston to Build it With Us!

Every year, we host our own internal hackathon where teams of formlings group together to create everything from functional installations to innovative new product lines. This year, we want to open up the hackathon to you, our community.

If you have an idea for a project, send it our way and a panel of formlings will pick the favorite based on creativity, achievability, and relation to 3D printing however nebulous that relation might be. We’ll cover your flight, food, and lodging in Boston where you’ll work with our team to bring your idea to life.

The contest will run until August 2nd and we’ll be announcing the winner on August 4th. The hackathon will run from Wednesday, August 9th to Friday, August 11th and we’re looking forward to seeing you there! Learn more about the contest and enter through this page!

Is there any update on the results? Who won the contest? Interested to look at cool projects!