DPM vs TPM odor/smell


Just curious for those who have tried both DPM and TPM. Do they smell equally the same? I’ve been using DPM for a couple of months now and although it smells different than IPA, it’s still not pleasant.

@DKirch maybe you can comment since I know you’ve looked at both internally?


Having used IPA, TPM and DPM its fair to say that DPM is the least offensive of all the smells. Its a slightly musty smell, but not very offensive. TPM is more like ether, and IPA we are all familiar with!!


Oh great question. Happy to ask around the office a bit to see what folks think.


Interesting, thanks @Dxxxx! I guess the smell of DPM just doesn’t jive with me. I mean…I think it’s better than IPA, but it definitely still smells.

I can’t relate to what ether smells like but I’ll take your word that DPM is the least offensive.