Can you convert the printed product using "clear resin" into a really transparent one?

I have printed out some devices I modeled, using the “clear resin”. I want to use them with my microscope and noticed that even a thickness of 0.5mm is too opaque for microscopy. Apparently, the best solution would be if FormLabs creates a truly clear resin. However, with the currently available options, I was wondering if it is possible to chemically convert the cured “clear resin” into something truly clear, similar to VeroClear material ( ).
I am aware the the nature of polymer used in FormLab’s clear resin would make it very difficult, and likely to be impossible, to be made crystal clear. However, what I want to hear is not “it is simply impossible” type of answer, but at least a direction/hint toward the goal: for example, a related scientific paper, etc.
In my case, the devices are very tiny, so that rubbing the surface with cloth will be impossible, hence asking for chemical treatment. In short, I am looking for something akin to the treatment of fixed tissue in histology as shown here:


I think the material is a cross-linked acrylic, and I don’t know of any chemicals that will help you out. But it can be polished. Check this out:

Coating them in a clear acrylic paint will help with clarity. Also, letting them cure by sitting in indiret sunlight will help them to not yellow and improve the clear look. The material is similar to veroclear in that it requires a liquid coating to fill in small voids and crevices that create the hazy look it has when it comes off of the printer. some good quality paint and light coats will go a long way to making your parts more clear but without polishing I do not think you will achieve the look of the part in your photo.

Hello! I am looking to do this now. Chemically induced transparency. Were you able to find something? I found ethanol could temporarily do the trick but it remains wet.

We have a new functional camera lens blog post that you might want to check out: Coating in a clear enamel is also a great option.


You can polish the print and make it very clear, but the reason it gets not so clear is because of the rough surface due to printing. As others have said you can use some clear coating and that can work well also without changing the surface shape much.

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Is this the amount of clear you are looking for?