Amber resin for non biomed 3+

I was looking at a photo the other day from the forums of what the biomid Amber looks like it’s gorgeous

I would love to see the same color clear transparent resin (non medical) - for use in “non biomedical” applications on the 3+ side of things I think it would really be useful and a lot of concept ideas it’s just so pretty

Dye clear resin

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Yeah i thought about that as an option …
Just thought others might want similar…

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Hey @illuminatedRS ,

Although I cannot guarantee anything, I am happy to submit a User Feedback request to our Materials team so that they can hear this feedback. I think that it’s a pretty nice color too, and agree with @br4n_d0n that dying Clear in the interim could be a fun solution. Some of our Services team members have done some really cool things with dyeing Clear resin!

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