AM3D - additive manufacturing + 3d printing conference & expo in Boston today & tomorrow

For those in the New England area … there’s the AM3D conference (i.e. additive manufacturing + 3d printing conference) going on this week down at the Hynes until tomorrow. Although it probably isn’t worth it to register for full-conference at this late stage … it may be worth it to visit the Form folks down at the event in the exhibition hall, which for all intensive purposes seems to be free. It can get lonely and boring doing booth duty!

Also, there are some SLS/MLS vendors showing products, which you don’t typically hear in non-industrial/engineering circles.

There’s also the fab11 conference going on this week. There are a lot of external events which are public that sprung up around it. It’s possible to attend those.

It’s basically “fabrication week” here in Boston, apparently.



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