Alternate Wash Solution


I tested cleaning FormLabs white resin with mr. Proper (or Mr. Clean) detergent in ultrasonic cleaner (frequency 40KHz @ 100W, , 48 deg. Celsius) and the result is dreadful - even if some part of the resin is cleaned what remained is very sticky (like tart) and it needs the IP and brushing.

It’s possible that for some other resins Mr. Proper (Mr. Clean) detergent works but not for FormLabs ones.


Im wondering if anyone has thought of / used Everclear to clean their prints in post… The everclear has a higher alc vol, and could possibly do an even better job. This is untested tho, but just an idea.


Everclear is ethanol, I don’t think it would work better than IP


Like luben11 said… different chemical.

… and you can (and should) but anhydrous IP (99.9%)


agreed on points, but has anyone tried it? My machines in repair… could the results be compared… we will find out… in time.


it’s different chemistry… we’ll letyou waste the booze. It has many more important uses :wink:


Its also significantly more expensive than IPA due to the tax and duty on it.


Has anybody found a supplier for this in Canada? Would totally be interested in switching even if it’s more expensive if it smells less, isn’t flammable and can be used in an ultrasonic washer, and lasts longer!


During last week I put air extraction on my wash tank (supplied with the Form3 printer) and I can tell you that there are no smells of IP anymore - tomorrow I’ll post some images of the ventilation when I go in the office.

So I changed my mind - using IP with good air extraction is probably the best option for cleaning the parts from residual resin. There are no smells, IP is cheap enough, easy available and cleans well the details.


We have been using IPA with ultra sonic wash for 5 years.
We have 3 washing stations running 5 times a day.
That is about 2500 hours of IPA wash in ultra sonic bath.
Never had an issue with flash point.
Some of my technicians even used the heater function of the ultra sonic machine at some point. Which I catched after a couple of months and advised not to do. This did not set any of our bath on fire neither.


Henkel is releasing their own washing solution, probably similar to TPM. I would check with their distributors. RS Hughes, Hisco and ACT Group.


Oh interesting - I’ll keep my eyes peeled for this. Thanks!


I also checked with a company called PostProcess. They make some bold claims about their wash solution, but it’s only available if you buy their machine. They will not sell direct, so don’t waste your time.


Yeah I’ve heard about them. It looks like they basically sell rebranded ultrasonic washers and tumblers…


What took you so long ?
Was TPM just recently discovered ?


Every now and then I check to see if I can find an easy hobby source for this in the US. Is TPM the same as “Propylene Glycol”? i.e.

I’m guessing not.


Your is guess is good. Propylene glycol is another chemical.