Alternate Wash Solution



  1. hot soap water
  2. cold water
  3. IPA
  4. formwash with IPA

I don’t know about your time, but it sounds way too complex compared to DPM/TPM+rinse -> done


@Multiscale: What do you do with the rinse water contaminated with resin?


With the detergent water, the resin does not go into solution to the extent it would with IPA (and maybe not at all, I’m an engineer not a chemist). It settles out to the bottom of the ultrasonic cleaner tank and is left behind after the machine has been drained (assuming you have a unit with a drain). Just wipe out the excess resin with a paper towel and dispose of that as usual. The remaining rinse water goes in open aluminum foil trays set outside in the sun. Allow the sun to cure any remaining resin out and evaporate the water over time. This leaves behind a crust of cured resin which can be then disposed of in trash. Similar to the way you treat resin-contaminated IPA.

May sound more complex than just tossing parts into IPA or TPM but it’s not. Once you experience the joy of removing wet sphagetti supports, you will not go back to cold processing and having to clip off hardened supports.


Just some says ago, I postet my experiences in a other threat: