3L + Tough1500. Any body printing?


Will need to switch to Tough1500 for a larger model. Anybody printing successfully with it on 3L? How is the print time estimation?


We recently got the 3L and have been using Tough 1500. Can’t give a good estimate without truly knowing the model. But if it is significantly large, it may take a few days.

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I use the 3L with Tough2000, not 1500.

The print times on the machines panel are worthless (a known bug). Preform is often off by 50%.
You can count on the print times being quite a bit longer than your expectations.

Ii was just told by support that rebooting your printer may help with long print times.

I just finished printing 10 rather long parts (2-1/4 round x 8" long) out of Tough 1500 on our 3BL. At first I was having no luck and it was suggested it might be a software problem. I was at the most current firmware release (1.8.9). I was given a link to load a previous firmware version (1.7.6) and the prints came out fine.


Glad you got it running.
How many layers was the print, and how long dd the print take?

I did see they rolled the update a few weeks back but recently updated again to 1.8.9-389.

Well, had few prints so far. I’m printing round tower sections and printed them directly onto the build plate in Grey but that did not work in Tough1500. So pay attention to a larger surface area at the start. Now printed one at at an angle and one straight up but both with a full raft and supports its working fine. Great results.

Had 3 succesful prints sofar. Out of 3. Some print times:

Estimated, Calculated and actual:
Print 1: 13h 12h 9h
Print 2: 28h 22h 17h
Print 3: 45h 58h 52h

So surprisingly most of them finished earlier then calculated :upside_down_face:

I printed 11 of these chutes. 1962 layers and it took a day and a half.

Hey, thats odd. Mine didn’t want to stick to the build plate like that.

Hmm…they all stuck pretty good. I printed them without supports as well. I did have a little bowing on one of the parts in the middle. I expected more like that since there isn’t anything supporting the long open grooves but overall pretty nice.

Small update here. After support helped me do a new Z-axis calibration the adhesion is now back to perfect. So printing again and now have no problems with Tough1500 on the 3L

Great to hear!

I was happy to hear your thoughtful responses. Thanks for helping me as well to understand how is the print time estimation.

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