Yikes... resin dripped on mirror

It was in the midst of an all-nighter and I had to rebound and keep moving. I did a quick squirt with IPA and dabbed with kleenex paper towel. Then 4 or 5 pec pads. What are my options?

Considering the delicateness of the mirror I would create a support ticket. It would be very unfortunate if someone gave you a possible solution which ends up making the problem worse. Perhaps the support team can guide you through the steps how to thoroughly clean the mirror without damaging it (further).

Good luck! I hope you’ll be able to clean it!

@Declan_Halpin I’d second @Alex_Vermeer’s suggestion to open a support ticket. We’ll be able to help you quickly address the resin spill and get you back to working on your projects.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi guys, I’ve submitted a ticket. Tx!

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