Yellow Magic 7 Qustions

You’ll have to take my comments with a grain of salt since I’m not an expert, but I had to clean a very large print last night and didn’t have enough IPA, so I went with a 1:1 mixture of YM7 and water and put the part into it. I put the finishing tank on my investment vibrator and shook it for about 5 minutes. I pulled out the part and rinsed it off and let it dry. Afterward it was very tacky. I then put the part into the other tank with clean IPA and swooshed and flipped it there for a couple of minutes. Then I let it air dry. After the IPA rinse, it was not tacky anymore.

I think for now, I’m going to stick with YM7 for the pre-rinse, and the IPA for final rinse. It’ll still save $ on IPA and will be one less rinse with IPA fumes.