Working Temperature of Resin

Does anybody know the working temperature of black resin? I’m looking for the highest temperature it can stand before it starts getting soft or warping. I have made a jig to form propeller blades for a rubber band powered airplane. The blades are thin balsa and are wet before clamping the mold made from resin around them. Would like to be able to heat the blades while they are in the resin mold to quicken drying.

Last time we tried this, the resin warped severely. I think that temp was around 140F.

I do not think you will be able to apply much heat to molds made of only resin. Now if you were to back the halves of the mold with an aluminum plate to prevent warping, i believe the resin would hold up pretty well (as now flowing would be the only issue)

I am unaware of any official numbers for cured resin

make a positive print of the propeller, put in into a parting plane, mold that in a castable urethane resin, remove the parting plane, cast again against the previous cast, and use that two part urethane mold as your steam box.
Freeman Supply has a lot of good resins.

I’d use a dehumidifier to dry your balsa. A small commercial dehydrator is good. I have one I use for both drying Hydrocal castings and also pre-heating large spin casting silicone molds for hot metal casting. You can find these on EBay.

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A dehydrator is a good idea!

I have an Excalibur. Here’s a link on EBay for that:

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