Wiper Stand

Ever clean a tray and find yourself wishing you had someplace to hang that wet wiper?
Print this handy stand and fumble no more!

.form file (3 MB)

CAD design (OnShape)

Glamour shots

It prints in 8½ hrs using 87mL of resin. The base and arm are set directly onto the build platform in Preform because I’m lazy and try to minimize finishing work. To remove the big flat base section, carefully work your way around its edges with a razor scraper (or just reorient it to print on an angle with supports).

The pylon is hollow and I couldn’t avoid supports there, but most of the snap fit surfaces are clear of them. You can lightly sand the base of the pylon and the bottom faces of the snap clips so they’re smooth. If you used Standard resin and things feel brittle, heat the snap tabs with a hairdryer before insertion to make them more pliable.

Feel free to clone and improve the Onshape design. It works for me but could use another iteration to optimize the snaps and split the pylon apart into two pieces with faster, direct-on-base printing.

This product is not safety rated for bananas, and I’m not liable if it flips over and you spill resin everywhere.

Here’s an idea for tanks that are installed in the printer.


I still like the banana stand idea.