Wiper beld ground by pulley

Something nasty happened under the hood of my Form 2.
I guess that the wiper got cought in some debris that remained in the tank from a failed print, and the wiper belt got it’s teeth ground-up by the aluminium cog because the later somehow slid along it’s axis.

I’ve set it straight again, but the belt is kind of loose and worn out, specially since the little springy thing that tightens it got broken in the battle.
Can this belt and spring be ordered as spare parts ?
Or can I use an open belt like the ones that can be found on Amazon ?

After a nerve-racking exchange with a support folk, I understand that this belt is not available from Formlabs, and of course, they advise against using a replacement found elsewhere.
The guy told me I was missing a “sensor” which is in fact the spring, so my conclusion is that he has no idea what he’s talking about.

This makes me think of Apple’s business practices with their sleek but un-repairable devices : irritating and definitely not eco-friendly !

Latest news : they don’t have a belt so they ere asking me to send the printer back for a swap… except it’s no longer under waranty.

Now this is completeley bonkers !

The belt is a 3$ item, and they’d rather swap the printer than sanding me a replacement belt.

Well, at least they didn’t glue the belt to the printer case like Apple would have done…