WiFi Issues

Hey guys

I’m having major stability issues with the Wifi works great for a week then i just cant send anything seemingly rebooting the printer my router and PC barely fixes it some times and is quite frustrating when I’m trying to string jobs especially when time is pushed …

of course my USB cable is about 1 meter to short to reach my desktop …

is there a procedure to force a reset on the wifi ?

Hi Just a thought are you in an area where there are several wifi routers in the neighbourhood? If you can see several when configuring your laptop to join your network then it could be that someone else close by is on the same channel as you. If so Try altering the router setup to use a different wifi channel.

Also other forms of radio transmission can disrupt wifi. So turn off unnecessary bluetooth devices and make sure that your mobile phone is not left next to the router or the printer.

I am however i know most of my neighbors and set all their channels independently so we all had better WiFi the problem i face is that the printer reports the WIFI is ok but clearly isnt

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