Widen support base (trouble with WaxCast staying on build plate)


I have a FormLabs 1+ and have been running WaxCast out of a Zavt container. I am having issues with the WaxCast sticking to the build plate. I have tried roughing up the build plate; however, I hear this is a common issue.

I am using “formlabs preform” to generate the supports. I was told to make the base for the supports bigger; however, that is beyond what I have been able to figure out or Google. I was wondering if that is possible with the software and how would I be able to do it?

Thank you in advance.

It’s most likely a curing issue. Have you ever printed anything succesfully ever w/ a different resin?,

& what setting are you trying to print on. Try using this profile I created that works w/ makerjuice yellow. And see if it gives better results using Preform OpenFL MakerJuice SF Yellow (OpenFL ini) included

it could also be a platform height issue. Go into fine tuning and lower the height by 1 until you see results. If you get all the way down to the bottom of the fine tuning and still nothing is curing, then its the resin profile isn’t good enough. That’s where preform openFL comes in and you adjust it for your resin needs.

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