WARNING! Solarez Resin Works but Damages your tank

Hi All

So I have been experimenting with a hybrid mix of B9 CherryRed and Formlabs Grey (see post by Monger Designs - New Hybrid Resin Mix) which has been working quite well, so I thought I would try a resin by a company called Solarez who are known for making surfboard resins. My main reason for wanting to try them is they are cheap - $87 a quart - just over a litre, or $253 a gallon (3.75 litres) so really worth it if the resin is suitable.

I experimented at the 0.1 and point 0.05 settings and had no success with the 0.1 and moderate success with 0.05 but only for very small prints.

Firstly I tried a simple torus at .1. The model was 5cm x 5cm and failed about 50% through the print process. I then scaled the model down by 50% and tried again, this time at 0.05 and I got a complete print. Image 3 shows the torus fail, images 4 and 8 show the 50% reduction in size allowing a complete print.

In the 1st image section A shows some tearing - this was from a previous experiment and does not relate this experiment (Formlabs kindly replaced this tank due to that failure which is why I was using it to experiment with). Section B shows where a section of a model (in this case the mid section of the lower part of the 2-part Eiffel tower as shown in Formlabs promo material) became adhered to the tank surface. The stuck resin came away easily enough but left behind an extremely thin layer of resin that could not be removed (or the rubber itself had hardened) - you can also see a few dimples where the rubber peeled away with the failed model.

In the next image you can see the legs of the tower where the print failed. This was printed at 0.5.

The large section was very securely stuck to the rubber and tore a huge chunk away - I didn’t notice it was all the way down to the plastic of the tank so tried to attempt another print and the two images of the tank show the result - complete de-lamination of the rubber from the tank.

The last 3 images show the results after a few days final curing in inter sunlight!

So, in  my opinion, Solarez printing resin does work, but on its own is very damaging to the tank - the peel process doesn’t seem suited to the material. If I could afford the risk I might try to combine it with the Formlabs clear or grey similar to Monger and that might yield a better result, but that’s something I’m going to leave alone for now. Of course if anyone else wants to try…