Voids and bubbles at the bottom of brass castings

Good afternoon
I had a small problem with the pores at the bottom of the blanks when casting. They are small but visible. I use Siraya resin dry in glycerine for 20 minutes each side of the printed wax. But at the end, when pouring, there are pores in the lower part. Could it be with brass quality?

Regarding brass, I use granulated brass for castings. When melting at 980 degrees, cobwebs and strange precipitation form from above. Should they be cleaned?

Hi @Lurgot,

Due to the nature of this issue, I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team for a more in-depth look. The scope of their advice may be limited since you are using a third-party resin, but they may be able to offer some suggestions about your casting process in general.

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