Very strange printing fail

hi, first of all : sorry for my bad english, i’m french.

last night, i experienced a very strange printing fail : i try to print a tall figure (150 mm) very some very fine details, i launch the print process in 0.1 mm resolution.

at the begining, everything seems to be normal but at the middle of the printing the printing fails and the laser start to create some “silhouette” at the bottom of the resin tank !

the most strangest is that when the printing arrive at the bottom of the figure (the shoes) it “restart” to print corectly !

then i obtain a “half-figure” correct, no legs, some strange aglomered resin and correct shoes, but under the resin block !

here some photo of the result

then my real question is :

-did anybody have experienced such printing fail ???

-did anybody have some technical point of view on the origin of this printing fail ???

Fab, thanks for posting and sorry you are having trouble. The first things I would say to check are:

  1. Your resin tank. How many prints have you done in your current resin tank? Do you notice any fogging or gouging in the silicone layer? Have finger prints made their way to the bottom of the resin tank on the optical window? The resin tanks are consumables and do need to be replaced from time to time.

  2. I would make sure no smudges or dust have collected on the large mirror underneath the resin tank. We have a cleaning article here:

If these initial steps do not help, I’d recommend sending us a ticket to and we can assist you there.