Verb for the action of the laser as it draws each layer?

So my first print is running, and I’m finding it mesmerising to watch, and it occurred to me that I lacked a word to describe the action of the laser as it frantically draws each layer.

My suggestion is to appropriate an existing verb - I think the laser is “twiddling” each layer, the laser “twiddles”. Each layer is “twiddled” by the laser.

What do you think? Formlabs have you guys already got a verb for it?

If you hate my verb - what’s your verb? the floor is open…

Hey Kevin,

Interesting verb you’ve come up with there.  In true laser type fashion, I suggest “zap”.  It’s “zapping” each layer, the laser “zaps”.  The layer has been “zapped”. =)

Maybe they should just add a speaker to the form1 and every time the laser fires you hear the “phew phew” sound like in star wars!

Lol. I’m joking. Don’t do that! This thread is weird.

@monger - aweome XD I’ll go you one better, it should be the sound of a light sabre duel

And when it’s finished… it could play a really loud Wookie noise!

@Steven - absolutely perfect. That’d be one pimp’d Form1.

But enough with such frivolousness - this started as a serious thread :wink: - what’s the verb for the action of the laser as it scribbles each layer? I suggested “Twiddle”, Steven suggests “Zap” - what do other’s think?

From Wikipedia (and the movie “Real Genius” starring Val Kilmer):

The back-formed verb to lase is frequently used in the field, meaning “to produce laser light,” [6] especially in reference to the gain medium of a laser; when a laser is operating it is said to be “lasing.”