Vat fell apart

Has anyone else had the following happen?

Went to use a vat of black resin that had been stored back in the box for a while. Wasn’t impressed to see some leaking in the box, so emptied the resin into a beaker & started to wipe out the rest of the resin; at which point, the window fell off. Fairly new vat, hadn’t seen as much as 0.5l of resin use to date.

What appears to have happened is the PDMS has delaminated from the vat, allowing resin underneath it which presumably has attacked the adhesive and allowed the window to detach. TBH, I’m a touch surprised at the construction - I’d far prefer to have the window inserted from above so it has some mechanical support beyond an unsuitable adhesive. It also concerns me greatly that this may be a systemic defect - and it no longer seems safe to store vats with resin in them.

Now, while I wait for the support ticket to be answered, does anyone have any recommendations for getting resin out of carpet? Turns out the box didn’t catch all of it. Current thinking involves the use of a lot of Fullers earth before I start using isopropanol.

I’ve had that too, but not as catastrophic. I just had a very slow leak so was able to get the use out of the tank until the PDMS degraded as normal.

I would also say your carpet is screwed - I had a resin spill on carpet and it does not come out.

First, I have had a tank leak but it did not then fall apart as yours did. I think I know why mine leaked though. When “grooming” the PDMS layer to get the layer of (white, black or grey) pigment scraped off (using the supplied metal scraper), I pulled the PDMS layer away from the edge of the tank. It is not like I pulled it very far off but enough to break any seal that was there from when it was new.

This allowed resin to get between the PDMS layer and the clear bottom part of the tank (the part you call the “window”). Eventually resin seeped out of the tank from the bottom. Luckily it happened while the tank was in storage and not while it was in the printer.

I now am much more gentle when grooming the PDMS and have not had it happen again.

With respect to getting resin out of a carpet, I’m afraid I can’t be of much help. I have ruined a couple pair of jeans using IPA to try to get resin spills off them. I cleaned the resin off almost immediately after the spill but was not able to get the resin completely out of the fabric…though the IPA did remove some of the color from the jeans…Also had similar experience with a pair of shoes. Good luck, if you have success please let us know how you did it.

Hmm. Not unique then; that’s not good. This vat hadn’t needed any aggressive scraping, so that’s not the root cause.

As for the carpet… The Fuller’s earth has allowed me to scrape out a lot of the resin as a semi-solid so far - it’s not cured, which is the only reason I’m trying - remains to be seen if it’ll work adequately overall. I’d concur the carpet is probably screwed as a result of the vat failure. Black’s probably the worst to try and shift…

There have been a few other similar reports over the couple of months. This is far from the only reported occurrence. It looks like there’s an issue with a small percentage of the resin tanks.

If I had to bet, the problem is incomplete cure or perhaps improperly stored adhesive that’s used to glue the bottom of the tank together. They seem to fail pretty quick if they have the problem, or they never fail at all…

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