USPS and UPS shipping options?

I know this has been asked before but seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. I always hated FedEx because they are not very reliable in my area and way over priced.

Any chance of adding USPS Priority and UPS shipping options?

Thanks for the feedback Ken. There are many shipping services out there and everyone has their preferred carrier. I’m not sure if we will offer USPS in the future, but we make every effort to select services that are ideal for as many of our customers as possible.


To add a bit to this…

My printer was left on my porch by fedex, no signature required. The orange cover was cracked.

I got my replacement cover yesterday by fedex. I happened to be right down the street and saw them literally throw it onto my porch from 3 steps down.

The really, really don’t seem to care much about what they are delivering.

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