Using resin for masking

Repeated here from a reply so there’s a better searchable title in order to share with community …


I’ve used Grey V2 resin to create masks on aluminum with great results!

  1. Sand and clean aluminum part to remove oxides

  2. Paint thin layer of resin on region to be masked.

  3. Overlay resin with laser printer transparency printed with mask (inkjet also works but must dry for about a day so it resists IPA). Try to minimize bubbles.

  4. Expose with UV light. I used a compact fluorescent bulb from a silkscreen box. About 3.5 minutes for me. Sun probably works fine.

  5. Peel transparency and clean it and the part with IPA.

  6. Presto, voila and shazam. There’s your mask for painting, etching, etc

  7. Remove mask later (after painting, etching, etc) using your favorite method. I soak in acetone because I etch so don’t have to worry about it affecting paint. There’s a freeze spray method for removing cured resin from the build platform somewhere in the forum that might work to remove the mask from the aluminum part if you are using paint and can’t use acetone …