Using Envisiontec Photosilver RCP130 on Formlabs2 (superior part detail)

Dear all I have currently Form 2 machine and have project where I am trying to design part with superior detail.
I tried to use grey, but this material is too brittle and doesn’t define details well enough.

Time ago subcontracted job on Envisiontec machine and this parts are just superior !!! I used photosilver RCP130.
Parts been very precise, accurate, strong almost like injection molding parts I loved them.

They been very expensive too…

I was thinking about buying Photosilver RCP130 from envisiontec - cost £345 per kilo and trying on Formlabs.

What do you guys think about success of project like that ?
Did anybody tried to do experiment like this ?

Below you will find link to RCP130datasheet:

Best Regards

Robert P

This is a ceramic filled material so it may or may not work.

The big thing is how much power is needed to cure the material. Most other resins show huge overcure when used on the Form 2

There are also other ceramic resins out there including some experimental material from Formlabs.

3Dresyns also has ceramic and metallic resins that can be tuned to work with the Formlabs machines.

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What kinds of things are you trying to print?

We have two Envisontec Perfactory in house and tested some Envisiontec resins our Form 2 in the past. And yes it cures on the Form 2. But it overcures a lot. Parts came out much too thick, much too strong and with RCP130 it will destroy the PDMS within the first 10mm.

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Hello, thanks for your reply, would you be able to do some subcontact work for me on envisiontec?

Hi Robert,

no problem, I just sent you a mail.

What kind of details are you looking for? Are they within the specifications of the machine such as minimum feature detail?
Gray resin should show you about as good as the machine can print, same with clear, black and white.
Some resins will show build lines more than others. I prefer clear because it has less evident build lines and basically the same detail.

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