Use Space Image in Preform

I really find it silly that this awesome image that is on the website in Materials of my tank and its used/burnt space is being wasted and not in PreForm. I would LOVE for the devs to make it so I can toggle that image on the bottom plane in preform so I can see that image under my model I am moving around. So that I can see where I should place the new model.

Even if it was a toggle and then asked if you would like to load an image. You could even just use the one generated by the website. That would be a huge feature for me personally. I hope that makes sense.

This image, loaded into PreForm, on the bottom plane, as a Toggle, so I can get an idea of where not to place the newest print:

Also, cant I change the name of my printer?

The idea of displaying the heatmap in PreForm has been discussed extensively. If you search it probably won’t be too difficult to find.

And no, you can’t change the name of your printer. The name is the “serial number”.

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