Upgrade to the Form1+ laser

Is there any possibility of getting the improved Form2 laser available for the Form1+?
I continually suffer from poor beam shape, get perfect detail left and right, and much worse detail front and back, because of the irregular spread of the beam, and would love this upgrade.

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Andrew - we will not be upgrading the Form 1+ laser to the Form 2 module due to many logistical reasons. However, it’s important to note that we already upgraded the Form 1+ laser some time ago and the Form 1+ remains the best selling SLA of all time!

We continue to stand behind all of our products. Feel free to send us a message if you are experiencing issues with your machine.


Hello Jory
I have been through the support route before with little success. I send them pictures of a test cylinder showing the distortion to the front and rear of the parts because of the beam shape, and pictures of the spot test showing the rabbit ears effect, and all I get told is that it is normal. Hence I live with it, and try to minimise the effects as much as possible. An upgrade would be a huge bonus. If you could even give a hint or pointer to the new laser you are using so I could retrofit it myself it would be worth a go!

Andrew - I took a look back at your ticket and it looks like the mirror replacement helped with the distortion. Keeping the optics clean is key. If things get worse let us know and we can also send galvo mirror cleaning instructions if the support team thinks it will help.


The new laser is a different power, so I don’t see that working out at all. They made enough other changes though that you might just want to sell it on eBay and get the Form2.

Indeed the mirror replacement helped, and the constant cleaning of all the mirrors is essential. None of this changes the fundamental shape of the laser dot. If I remove the diode module and shine it at a white paper i.e. no mirrors, the rabbit ears shape is obvious.

If you are now telling me this is not normal, then I’ll raise a ticket and see if I can get a new laser module.


Yes I saw that Josh, but it should be simple enough to limit the current if it is needed. I’m much more concerned with the beam shape! I’d love to change it for a form2, but finance doesn’t allow.

I had a writeup a while back about adding what I called a choke in front of the laser. The idea was by shining the laser through a pinhole I could trim off the stray light. That may be an option for you.

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