Update Material Library without requiring a print

We just received a replacement Form2 and so I tried to rebuild my materials library but it would only register new tanks and cartridges once a print was started with them. It would be nice to be able to have the dashboard track all installed trays and cartridges for better management of our library.

Thanks for the suggestion! - I’ve forwarded this to our Dashboard Team. On the backend, starting a print does allow us to initialize values for new tanks and cartridges especially on the materials page. We’ll look into initializing unused cartridges and tanks so that they can be added to your material library.

Thanks that would be awesome, even if some manual action is required such as an “update materials” button on the printer that would be super helpful!

I’m guessing it’s the printer that keeps track of usage data, not Dashboard. So when you change to a new printer and try to re-use a tank or cartridge from the old, as far as the new printer is concerned the tank and cartridge are brand new. FL would have to duplicate the printer’s usage history data on Dashboard and then provide some mechanism for selectively copying the data to another printer.

If you have multiple printers and multiple users, a mechanism to let printers share usage data seems like it would be a beneficial addition to Dashboard. In this kind of environment, trays and cartridges might be moved around between printers as a function of what users happen to be doing at any one time.

I think some of it is saved as we can see “past” areas that were printed in the tank but only after they have been inserted into the new printer and a print started.

I tried just inserting the tank and the cartridge but it wouldn’t update my library with the information. It did show the status of the tank & cartridge but didn’t save it.

I agree I would love it if this information could be shared between printers. Eventually, we want to have multiple printers and it would be nice if the material library could track usage across all printers so that we know “globally” how much of everything is available and when we need to order more resin or tanks.