Ugly smears, right out of the printer

These parts are just fresh out of the printer, using “Durable” resin.
I get these ugly smears which are in fact hardened resin, and need to be sanded.

that looks like optical issues. Check the tank bottom, the optical bay window, and the mirrors internally to see if there is any kind of debris, oil or other smear in the optical path.
In checking the tank, there are three things to look for- there could be ripples in the rubber layer on the inner tank surface… there could be resin stuck to that rubber surface… or look underneath at the clear plate on the bottom where your fingers can accidentally touch and leave a fingerprint.

These flaws are suspiciously fingerprint smear sized and shaped. And have been projected onto the inclined surface of the print as each layer gets exposed

Hi, and thanks for the advice.
I opened up and I emptied my resin tank and cleaned it up.
This is what I found : apparently, some sort of condensation happened between the glass and the silicon layer.
At first, I thought it was directly on the underside of the optical glass, but after trying to clean it with pecpads and isopropanol, I found it wasn’t on this side.
The outer surface of the silicon is fine too, and the clouding due to the laser impacts is quite distinct from it, as it has the caracteristic dots resulting from long laser exposure due to the vertical supports.

I think that my tank is defective.

that definitely doesn’t look like clouding from laser exposure.
You should contact Support and send them these pictures- including the one of the parts- and see if they agree and will send you a replacement.

The support reached back to me, and they are sending a free replacement.

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