Type of castable resins that do not work or damage the resin tank?

Hey there

I just purchased this expensive resin to try to create castable jewelry prints (the formlabs castable doesn’t work for me in my section of the industry).

Below is the resin I bought that my casters seem to have great results with. if anybody can find something wrong with this, please let me know! I want to try and avoid damaging a resin tray.


Also, please list any other castable resins you guys have used that you find work! Thanks!

Hey the resin is pretty good.
I usually get it from the Canadian site for half the price and they even give me free shipping at times. https://creativecad.works/product/creative-cadworks-castable-blend/

The resin works really well and the castings are out of this world. Print some models and cast them. I use a Asiga and it works really well.