Two new materials to be announced at CES2018

Any speculation on the two new engineering materials Formlabs plans to announce?

Two New Materials, Launching at CES 2018

Formlabs continually pushes the limits of our 3D printers by introducing new versatile, advanced materials. This broadening set of capabilities helps designers and engineers around the world rethink their product development processes.

At CES 2018, we’re launching two new engineering materials for the Form 2 that push the limits of 3D printing even further. Visit our booth at the event to see them in person, or keep an eye on your inbox next week!

We’re very interested in these new materials as well. Will Formlabs be at the upcoming MDM show in Anaheim?

Very curious too. But no way can I make it to any of the shows.

I’ll venture way out on a limb and fantasize one of them is carbon or glass fiber (e.g. resin impregnated with microfibers, somewhat like the ceramic resin). It would give them something to position against Markforged Onyx.

Yes, it sounds crazy, but users have discussed the idea and its challenges in the past (even experimenting with adding glass fibers and particles like aluminum to resin). For what it’s worth here’s a 2005 research paper from a group that played with adding carbon nanotubes to SL resin.

Unrelated, I spoke with someone (not associated with Formlabs) at the user conference whose startup was working on aligning fibers in liquid during printing using magnetic fields.



Doesn’t look like we’re going to the MDM show but we’ll be at Pacific Design and Manufacturing in February at Anaheim. This is a good reference for events that we’ll be attending.

It’d be great to see a food-safe material come out. I’ve been doing a lot of work with beverage products and end up having to get parts machined that I’d prefer to print.

Either way, looking forward to the new announcements!

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