Trying to Find Best Cart for setting my FormLabs Devices

I currently have the following devices that I need to be able to roll around my office:

  • Form 2
  • Form Wash
  • Form Cure

What cart do you recommend for this endeavor?

Calvin Nicholson

I’ve got nothing.

But, I strongly do not recommend IKEA carts / storage / filing drawers as they all rock.
And i mean literally rock, not ”they are actually awesome”.

I’d be looking into industrial maintenance carts. Those are usually build very rigidly built because the maintenance guy will often have a vice on it and probably use a hammer or some heavy tools, and they also have drawers which will be useful to store stuff for the printer (cartridge, tanks, …).

Googling “maintenance cart” will get you started on the idea, and I’m sure department stores have cheaper maintenance carts than you’d find in an industry workshop furniture leader like Lista (which are very good but may end up costing more than the printer)

Try McMaster Carr or MSC direct.

They make carts with power strips as well. Two carts should do the trick One for the printer and one for the wash/cure.

Tried to link an example but it didn’t work. Try searching for “Plastic Carts with Outlet Strips” in McMaster Carr

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Thanks all. The main problem is that in our lab, we share space without other systems (CAD/CAM, Pano Image, etc.) so we need to roll the device out of the way.

The main problem is that the clients want a clean aesthetic (so the big clunky plastic carts are out) while being durable enough to roll around and not have our 4K printing system. Ikea device are relatively flimsy. I’ll check out the McMaster-Carr.

I have been trying different options over the last couple of years and the best what worked for me is industrial wire shelving. It is highly cutomizable is inexpensive. Right now trying out Trinity stainless steel tables but they happen to be too shaky so working on additional support for them.

I’d recommend a UPS to go with that combo on a cart, otherwise you’ll be tied down mid-print.

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For the best look and durable construction, as well as the nicest casters, try looking up MEDICAL CARTS.

They come in all sorts, and with various arrangements of drawers or cabinet storage.

Most importantly, You will want casters that Lock Both the wheel, And the Swivel.

Or you can convert almost any cart by simply adding the large, dual locking medical style casters,

Amen to that!