Trimming hard to reach support contact points

Hi All,

I print a lot of parts with supports into concave areas, and the parts are always masters for moulds, so cleaning support contact points for better surface finish is important, but for some parts it’s impossible with normal tools.

I’ve previously posted about how useful spoon knives can be, but they’re too chunky for many parts.

Recently though, I used a dremel grinding wheel to put edges on some old Micromark mini-scrapers, and now they are my go-to’s for tricky to reach contact points.

See video underneath pics for a little more info.

Shopping - out of stock for now, I think they were out of stock when I first found them, but they did come back…


Great idea. Thanks for sharing

Another wonderful set of tools is Kate Wolf’s Wicked Sharp waxworking tools. There is a curved tool in one of the kits that might work! I also use the green one with the rounded end, and the yellow one. All three have a curve that might work. I think you can buy them individually as well. She will only sell on her site to current and former students who take her class, but you can purchase from Rio Grande or Otto Frei or other jewelry tool distributors.

Here’s a link


Nice. Thanks