Transporting Print before Finishing process

I currently have the printer I am using in a location about 20 mins away from my office. If I want to do the finishing procedures, would it be possible to keep my print in a plastic bag and finish it at my office? Or is it recommended to finish it where the printer is located? Thanks for the advice!

Yes. That is to say, you can transport it.

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Ideally you would do it quickly after removing the print from the printer. If you want to transport it to clean, then you’ll need to secure the platform and put it in a container that will block the light otherwise it will start to cure the liquid resin on the outside that you need to clean off.

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If you’re transporting it before rinsing it in IPA, then you’ll want to keep it out of sunlight. When it comes out of the printer, there’s a bit of uncured resin sticking to it. The IPA rinse cleans that off. But if it got exposed to UV light first, then that gunk would cure and mess up your surface detail.

If you rinsed it where the printer is located, then you shouldn’t have any problems transporting it before doing any additional finishing.


Awesome! Thank y’all so much for your advice and recommendations!