TPM Wash > Dry > Cure

I’m a noobie and decided to start with TPM as it’s less volatile, sounds safer. I’ve been reading a lot about the workflow different of TPM vs IPA and one thing is a big question for me…let me explain:

  • TPM washed parts need a water rinse which requires a longer dry time before you can cure (since water doesn’t evaporate as quickly as IPA)
  • Dry time is up to a day, otherwise the part can warp in the oven (my first one did warp).
  • After the water rinse, the surface is pretty soft and can easily be messed up. People have been saying ‘Don’t touch the part until it’s cured’.

HOWEVER, how am I supposed to remove the part from the build platform (in order to place into the cure station) without touching the part or having it bounce off a table? I’m a bit perplexed.

Any tips around this area of the workflow would be appreciated

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