Tough resin v4

I am creating a final product, which will be manufactured at 90% using SLS technology.

But there are a couple of pieces that would be made of Tough V4 resin (blue finish).
I really like the blue finish of this new version and what I wanted to know is if there is any product on the market that can protect (uv rays, water, etc) the parts made from this resin. So far my pieces always come with primer, with color, and finally a couple of layers of 2K varnish.

But I would like to know if there is any kind of varnish that can be applied directly to the surface without having to apply primer.

I guess not, but if anyone knows anything, I would appreciate information.

If this product can also be applied with airbrush, it would be perfect :slight_smile:

You would probably get away with directly applying a clear coat that has UV protection. But if you’re going to paint it a color, at least as far as my experience goes, you’re going to need to prime it first.

Hi @Randy_Cohen

Thank you for your answers.

My intention is to leave the natural color of Tough V4 resin, I just want a protection against UV rays or water.
I usually use a glossy 2K varnish that leaves a perfect finish on the pieces, but when I apply it it is always on top of a coat of paint, and this is on top of a primer.
I think what I have to use is a transparent primer, and on top of this transparent primer apply the 2K varnish.
I’m going to try a primer from the Vallejo brand to see that such a drop. I will use this because I can apply it with an airbrush. I have seen other primers, but I have only seen them applied directly from a spray bottle, and I do not get the finishing of these products.

Best regards.

Try it on one of the waste rafts to see how it works. I save all my waste rafts to use for various tests of paints, glues, solvents, etc.

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