Tough resin_Problem

could someone help me ? I recently replaced the engine of form1+ printer

  1. Never Print that much all at once it will never end well…
  2. what do you mean engine? As far as I know there are no engines in the form 1+ do you mean motors?

I replaced plate engine (electric motor)

Hi Nick,

It looks like the hooks connecting your tray carrier to the peel mechanism may not have aligned properly after the peel motor replacement. You might be able to look inside your printer and pop these into place so that they line up with the holes. For further steps on this quick procedure, you can submit a ticket to the support team and ask about hook alignment instructions. They can also provide further trouble-shooting help if needed!



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Thank you Kara, I set the palte in right position but the still fail.
Today I print in a room with 24°C, 10 pieces in the right side…resoult was perfect

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