Tough print in tough material

I have a large plate-like model I can’t get to print in tough material. Orientation is limited because of its size. However, the cross section is relatively small so I thought it would print just fine. Well, 4 tries later and I still can’t get it. All fails are due to material sticking to the tank. During the peel, the part ‘pops’ off the tank. So there is definitely some high forces and I am not surprised it eventually sticks to the tank. I tried a new tank and a used tank treated with RainX. I think the popping was worse with the RainX treated tank! I also tried position the longer supports at the hinge, and then opposite the hinge.

The model is a ‘nest’ for a part. It will be used as a fixture in manufacturing. I would prefer not to have supports on the back side - the flat side.

For one print, it was interesting that the material stuck to the tray eventually peeled off near the end of the print. See the picture.

I have printed something very similar in the past in clear. I might have to go back to that. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

FP74SK-01CR- try 2.form (2.9 MB)

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