The printer makes a strange noise. (FORM2)

We received a new printer due to a defective printer we were using. We used this new printer for about a month and it sounds strange at the back of the printer. What treatment should this do? I’m not sure, but the layer marks on the printout seem to be getting worse. When the bed comes down There is a scraping sound exactly.

please help me . thank you

When the bed is lowered, there is the sound of tapping the drum somewhere in the back of the printer, or a scraping noise of the machine.

Most likely you will have to lubricate the z axis. Contact support for which lubrication to use and the procedure.


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I have already applied lubricant. How much more should I apply on the z-axis? Is there a link to support for z-axis lubricant methods?

Which lubricant did you use? There is a very specific one that support said to use when I was having some issues in the past. Hopefully you just didn’t void your warranty by using the wrong lube. You can contact them by clicking the link below.


This is not a problem with lubricants. Prior to that, the layer marks on the printout were getting worse and the surface was not good. This is a printer that was just replaced a month ago.

They recommend some pseudo random lube from amazon of all places. It’s just a linear axis, any silicon grease will do, just to be sure to not damage other plastic components by using a more agressive grease… but in practice, as long as the grease stays on the screw it will not make any difference for this light application.

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