The maybe crazy gumball cure chamber

So, kinda on the Gumball as the name, but wanted to use CohenV2 @randy_cohen as his comments inspired the project. Many thanks for all your posts Randy. However, didn’t want to bring his expertise down w/ my experiments! Glass globe, to be mirrored between LED. All electrical outside, water cure capable, and so far under $100. Including my wicked stupid non billed time “investment”.

Yard sale glass globe : 10
LED 405, no silicone cover (crucial) : 20
Sacrificial clock for 8.5" circular glass plate : 5
Fuel rated clear tube : .98 for 4ft
Mirror paint : 5
Rainbird drain adapter and PVC : 10

Power supply and power strip to be contained in base.

Maybe I won’t burn the house down.