Tests of Form2?

I’m looking at buying a used Form2. The seller doesn’t have any resin to do a test with. Is there some basic tests I can do from the control panel to test the unit?


why would the seller not have any resin? Even if he ran out he should have old resin cartridges.
You can test that the printer can detect level… can detect and connect to a wifi network, and whether it can detect an inserted tank or cartridge and what resin each is allocated.

You can test if the printer intializes and if the build platform and tank carrier motors sound normal during initialization.

You Might also find out the serial number and once the printer is recognized on the internet- you should be able to access the seller’s dashboard so you can look up its print history- numbers of failed prints etc ( unless he was running in open mode- in which case the printer’s performance history is a black box.

You can also access thru the sellers dashboard the Support request history to see if the printer had had repairs or other trouble shooting issues.

Thank You!