Tank design

When you have a failed print and you need to peel it off the bottom of the tank, it can be challenging to make sure you got all of the cured resin out. A suggested method is to drain tank and then you can easily see it and remove the cured resin. Something I tried today was to tip the tank up and stand it on the mixer end and allow the resin to pool in that end. It made the cured resin stuck to the bottom of the tank very easy to see, easy to remove and easy to be sure you got all of it. The only problem is the cover over the mixer does not produce a liquid tight seal, so a small amount of resin came out (and had to be cleaned up) while the tank was sitting on the side.

It would be great if the cover that goes over the mixer would produce a liquid tight area that the resin could reside while the tank is set on the side to clean out the cured (failed) resin stuck to the bottom of the tank…

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