Surprisingly repeatable defect

The first time I printed this, I shrugged off the drippy-looking artifacts as particles in the resin, or me gouging it with a fingernail or scuffing it up while soaking, whatever. It sanded off just fine.

But then I got a new tray and new resin - a whole different brand, in fact - and called up this same exact job from the printer memory for a test. And these artifacts showed up again, identically! So in one fell swoop, I’ve ruled out optical defects in the tray acrylic or PDMS, resin impurities AND resin viscosity (the new stuff is much thinner). I’m just very curious as to what would cause this, particularly the repeatability. Is it possible that the laser optical path contains consistent hiccups at certain coordinates?

Might be dust in the optical path. If you move the part in the job file by a couple of mm and the defects stay in the same place on the part it’s a part issue. If they stay in the same place on the platform (move on the part) it’s something on the optical path.

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Do you have the Form1 or the Form2?
Also remember that non-Formlabs resins might not work correctly.

I have the Form2, which is supposed to be sealed against dust in the optical path. And the non-Formlabs resin is exactly what makes my point. Despite a new tray and a new resin (like third-party new), the same artifacts appeared in the same stored print job in the same place. I’ve no doubt that moving the object would change or eliminate the artifacts, it was the repeatability in the face of so many changes that intrigued me.

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