Supports staggered during build

Here’s an interesting one I haven’t seen yet. I’m guessing that this happened during the peel. It’s pretty easy to see that the supports started to slowly offset as it built upward …that should be fun for this 4.5" tall part. At least I can start preparing myself now for the 99.9% chance that it fails like the rest of my parts this week. I may be having laser issues. It’s a brand new tank (first print), clean mirror, and first pour of a brand new bottle of resin. I’m still getting some sev ere flakey crap going on.

Check your build platform for wigglyness.

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lol he said “wigglyness” - it is actually a real issue though, so it’s worth checking. My first replacement machine arrived with a wobbly build platform. See this thread - including a fix. Wobbly Build Plaftorms and how to fix them - video