Supports at 20-25 degrees help the coating

Instead of having vertical supports: it helps to have them to grow at an angle, to reduce the stress on the coating consumable

That sounds like a good idea to me.

The problem with the supports is that they create additional surface tension at the attach points, because of the high viscosity of the resin, we loose detail on the prints, especially where the supports are. That’s why the “melted ice look”, instead of smooth clean surfaces.

I thought Gavi was talking about reducing the stress to the silicone layer. Having completely vertical supports causes them to be attached to the silicone at the same place for every layer. The repeated curing and peeling at the same location causes more stress. Generating the supports at an angle would make it so the cure/peel point moves with every layer - distributing the stress over a larger area.

Hirudin is right. I meant the software suggestion as a way to have more prints between having to re-coat.

Of course, it would help if the sw was able to remember the usage of the coating so that the placement of the object and the placement of the angled supports can try to distribute the stress (on the coating consumable). This “memory” feature, has been already proposed but I mention it here because the angle should ideally be decided on the basis on that “memory”.