Support Settings for High Temperature Resin

I was curious what others have found to be the ideal support settings for the High Temperature resin.

I have found that the 0.8mm point size was causing a lot of chipping during support removal. I’ve been doing a lot of printing of large objects which take up the full build platform and contain a mixture of organic curves and geometric features; overhangs; and thin walls.

The support settings I have found work best are

0.50mm Point Size

75% Density

90% Slope Multiplier

I’ve also reduced the height from buildplatform and thickness of the base to the minimums. I have found that these settings allow for very quick cleanup with minimal cracking/chipping. Obviously you will need to evaluate your model to see where/if manual supports are needed. In general these settings use about 15% less resin and about 15% less print time than using the standard settings.

Please share your ideal support settings!

The default support settings are intentionally conservative as to prevent print failures from inadequate support or detaching parts. For most geometries, it’s safe to be a bit scandalous and decrease touch sizes and densities.

It’s a little tricky to generalize how much you can decrease touch points and densities as it’s highly geometry dependent. I often print High Temperature Resin at 0.55mm point size with the default density though I’ll often orient things to eliminate the need for internal supports. I don’t often modify the default raft settings because it doesn’t impact how easy a part is to remove from supports.

Good point on the rafts;

I only reduced the default raft settings due to the size of the models I am printing. After spending hours trying to find an orientation that would fit; I realized that if I reduced the raft and height from raft I could squeeze a couple more mm’s of buildvolume in the Z.

The reduced rafts are more difficult to peel off the build-platform; I’d stick with the defaults for rafts for prints that can fit in the buildvolume otherwise.

Though the 0.80mm point size is definitely too large in my opinion. It damages the prints and increases cleanup time enormously. I was able to reduce clipping time from 15minutes to 5minutes; and reduce sanding time from 1hour to 5minutes by reducing point size. Now the supports peel off and barely leave any marks; whereas before they would take out chunks and sometimes crack or break thinner regions of my prints.

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